5 Content Marketing Tools Everyone Should Use for Content Creation

5 Content Marketing Tools

Tools for Content Marketing Creation

As content marketing has become increasingly important since 2011, it has become more important than ever that business in 2016 engage in creating content that allows them to market their products and remain relevant, especially as it relates to SEO as a result of recent Google search algorithm updates. Here are 5 content marketing tools that will help you develop killer content more efficiently.

1. Hootsuite– Hootsuite is one of the most highly rated social media management tools. It provides great analytics gives users cross-platform support. Additionally, it allows users to schedule tweets for multiple social media platforms through the app and link various informative resources based on topics through Suggestions.

2. Google Keyword Tool– Google Keyword Tool is a resource that allows the user to find the right pairing of keywords to use as the headline for their articles and blog post. It provides valuable insight and information of the traffic that keyword pairings receive and when combined with Google Suggest and Google Related can supercharge any and all keyword ideas for your next article or blog post.

3. Hubspot Blog– The Hubspot Blog is one of the best places for marketing information on the web in my opinion. There are great thought provoking marketing articles and resources that help any business owner understand the need and develop a strategy for a coherent digital marketing strategy. Even if the plan that is devised is to find someone else to do it. This blog is updated daily and is easy to share via social media and email.

4. Evernote– Evernote is more than your average note-taking app. Evernote allows users to take notes, use the share button on mobile devices to capture information from the web, in addition to jotting down an idea. This blog post was composed using Evernote, because of the ease of use between multiple mobile devices whereas I began crafting the post on my notebook and finished it on my iPad.

5. Twitter– Twitter is a great resource to see what’s going on in the world. It gives the user insight into trending topics and by searching hashtags users can find fantastic trending content related to their hashtag search topic. Additionally, it gives the user insight into existing and potential audiences’ interests and other behaviors.

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